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Career in Mass Communication after 12th

Neha | October 1, 2020

Mass Communication is the study of how the information related to entities and individual, communicate or transfers to the entire world at the same time. The information is generally disseminated using the newspapers, books, magazines, websites, blogs, radio, film and television. There is a rapid expansion in the mass communication industry in the last 10 years, with more and more news channels and media houses coming in to picture every year.

Mass communication is actually, communicating those information that is not known to people around the globe, and thus to make information available to everyone, by using the latest technological platform, in the form of blogs, websites, and television.

If writing is your hobby, and you can present the things in an effective manner, if you love to take challenges, if you have got excellent communication skills, then a career in mass communication is waiting for you. Mass communication is one of the popularly emerging career field with more and more students opting this as their higher career option.

Scope of Mass Communication

After completing your degree in mass communication, you can work in different sectors like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news items and many others similar work profiles. There are two types of journalism in which you can work, i.e. first one is Print Journalism and the second one is Electronic (Audio/Visual) Journalism.

In Print Journalism you can avail jobs in newspapers, magazines and journals and can work as editors, reporters, columnists, correspondents, etc. In Electronic journalism you can work for Radio, Television and the Web. You can build your career in journalism, which is a highly paid and prestigious profession.

It is the best job for those interested in gathering different news from various sources and then to mould it in different styles. One can also find job opportunities outside of India.

Career & Jobs

After completing the course, there is a huge demand from the news channels, TV shows, magazines, and various publishing firms and online news portals. The candidate can even work as a freelancer and work for many companies. The job profile in this field may depend upon the company in which you are working and your overall experience. If you have good writing skills and excellent command on the language, if you can play with the words, then this career can get you to the great height.

Looking at the current scenario of the media industry in India it is expanding at a rapid rate, more than five news channels are coming up every year so there is good opportunity for a fresher, to be a part of them and reach a good post in quick span of time. The top recruiters in this field include:

• Star Network
• Viacom
• TV Today

The major job profiles in this sector include:

• TV Anchor
• News Editor
• Senior Journalist
• Junior journalist
• Screen Writer
• Editor at large

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Colleges in Noida

Roohani Kapoor | August 31, 2020

Noida has in the recent years has become the center of attraction in almost everything. Many schools, colleges, shopping malls, high end restaurants etc have opened up. Many colleges that have come up are of renowned university.

One such awesome college in Greater Noida is KCC Institutes. KCC is a group of colleges. There is KCC Institute of Technology and Management. It is approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and is affiliated to AKTU. KCC is ranked 2nd in terms of faculty and in innovative teaching techniques used. It is ranked 7th in the best private engineering college in North India.

Then there is KCC Institute of Legal and Higher Education, which is affiliated to IPU. It is a Grade A college of IP University. Grade ‘A’ College of GGSIPU, KCC is been awarded for providing quality education of a particular specification in the field of education sector for many years now.


The sprawling campus of KCC Institute spread across an area of 40 acres is one marvelous structure which everyone is amazed to see. Lush green covers are all around the college. Every college requires an infrastructure that is in accordance to the course and interest of students. Any kind of inadequacy here cannot be acceptable. At KCC every facility is for use by the students and faculties. Everything from Auditorium, Seminar halls, conference rooms, lecture halls to library, labs, cafeteria etc. is there in the college premises itself. There is no doubt that KCC Institute is the best B.Com Hons College in Greater Noida with admirable infrastructure affiliated to IPU.

Guest Lectures and Industrial Visits

Another most important aspect is the various Industrial Visits organized by the college. We have gone to many industries which hire Bcom Hons students and saw how actually the work is done. There we learnt many new things and were glad to see how the concepts learnt in the college is combined with the corporate work. This means that the curriculum and work adopted by the college is according to the latest industrial requirements which will be helpful once the students enter the workforce environment.

Guest lectures are organized very often. Eminent Speakers are invited to share their ideas, success mantras and experiences. It helps the students learn in a more interactive way. Students get clarity on their future career in a better way.


YOU NEED EXPERIENCE TO GET EXPERIENCE. Employers in today’s market rely heavily on resumes that show a relevant work history, whether it is in a form of internship, training or actual work experience. Internship gives you the first hand exposure in the corporate world. It allows the student to develop certain skills of communication, time management, punctuality etc. Doing internship gives the necessary exposure that you require to work in a controlled environment. KCC gives the students lots of opportunities for summer training or internships in acclaimed companies such as S&P Capital, Jabong, Amazon, Futures Group, etc.

Internships at kcc institute

Activities and Events

KCC Institute is famous for its all round development activities, faculties and students that work hard a lot. Together this department has contributed a lot in bringing laurels to the college. The department has also contributed a lot in organizing various sessions and seminars in the campus itself where many students can gain from the thoughts shared on the platform. The experience of organizing a seminar on our own with the help of our professors adds a lot of confidence to our wisdom and thoughts because organizing even a regular seminar requires all of us to be on our heels but that is made possible due to the encouragement received by our mentors. This indirectly adds to our capabilities and is further reassured that come what may we are always ready to take up any challenges that is given to us.

Thank You !!!

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Top Colleges in Greater Noida

Raghav Verma | August 27, 2020


Greater Noida is an educational hub and comprises of many colleges. But when you talk about the Top college in Greater Noida then KCC Institute of Legal and Higher Education tops the list. It is affiliated to Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University, which is a Delhi State University. KCC Institute has Grade A ranking and has shown remarkable performance in the field of academics and extracurricular activities.

Top Colleges in Greater Noida


The college is well connected to all the transport facilities. KCC Institute has its own bus facility from all the different places of Delhi and NCR. Apart from this the Aqua line metro station is just 5 minutes away from college. The Blue line metro is also near to the college with excellent bus and other transport facility. Students from Delhi/ NCR avail these transport facilities. While those of other states avail the hostel which has world class facilities.


The sprawling campus of KCC Institute spread across an area of 40 acres is one marvelous structure which everyone is amazed to see. Lush green covers are all around the college. Every college requires an infrastructure that is in accordance to the course and interest of students. Any kind of inadequacy here cannot be acceptable. At KCC every facility is for use by the students and faculties. Everything from Auditorium, Seminar halls, conference rooms, lecture halls to library, labs, cafeteria etc. is there in the college premises itself. There is no doubt that KCC Institute is the best B.Com Hons College in Greater Noida with admirable infrastructure affiliated to IPU.

Lecture Room at kcc

Guest Lectures and Industrial Visits

Another most important aspect is the various Industrial Visits organized by the college. Industrial Visits and Guest lectures adds a charisma to the personality of students and has many positive benefits. Students master many new concepts and in turn find ways to adapt these in his or her life. They see how the concepts learnt in the college is combined with the corporate work and is actually used in practical life.. This means that the curriculum and work adopted by the college is according to the latest industrial requirements which will be helpful once the students enter the workforce environment.

Recently a guest lecture was organized for the VC of GGSIPU and it was really an eye opening session. Similarly many guest speakers have already interacted with us their tips and tricks to achieve success. Smt. Maneka Gandhi too had come for one of the event and shared her valuable thoughts.

College Life

For every student their college life is supposed to be one of the most cherished and heartwarming memories. College Life at KCC is mesmerizing. Everything from festivals to fest is celebrated with great grandeur and fanfare. The fest is also the most awaited event of the year. College life becomes a paradise when you have good friends. The happy faces of students are an evidence of vibrant college life.


The faculties of KCC Institute are best so that students get the best out of them. Since study is an art and if faculties are good it becomes a unique experience. The faculties are trained excellently. Students are lucky to have them. They have a rich pool of knowledge and when it is shared with the students they are thrilled.

Thank You !!

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ORIENTATION PROGRAM at KCC Institute : Best BJMC College in IP university Delhi

Neha | June 9, 2020

Best BJMC College

Starting college when you are a fresher can cause much restlessness in the heart of student because of all the unknowns–”What should my major be? Will I make any good friends? How will I find all of my classes? Whom do I ask if I have a query about anything?” . Prior to the start of classes, students are given a summary of the entire knowledge of university life, from academics to social activities, through a period of days referred to as orientation. Typically, a staffer or team coordinates the orientation programs within the university and provides the leadership to bring the whole university together. Depending on the dimensions and mission of the institution, the format of orientation will vary from a one-day program to a week-long event. However, no matter the character of the program, three objectives should be present altogether orientation programs.

1. Introducing new students to college life

2. Accustom students to new surroundings

3. Providing liberty for the university to catch up with the newest members of the community. It is the job of the coordinator of orientation to design a curriculum that will bring these three goals together.

Introducing students to college life requires presenting full view as possible of college has to offer that is why academics and extra-curricular activity should be well presented. I am the undergrad of KCC Institute of Legal And Higher Education, Greater Noida of BJMC 2ND YEAR.

In the month of June I attended my Orientation program. You will get a snoop into my college experience, and what could be in store for the incoming college orientation in your life! Leading up to my orientation I was crazily googling and and searching my favorite college blogs for information. I wanted to know it all! What to await, what we would do, who I would meet, I couldn’t hold my self anymore! Obviously google couldn’t answer my all of these queries online – after all I wouldn’t know who would i to meet until I actually met them. I wouldn’t know what kind of room I was in until I was actually in the room. I wouldn’t know how my future classmates would react to me until I was actually surrounded by them. I had read everything about every instruction what I should bring and expect.

I was feeling as prepared as I could possibly be ever .I climbed into the car next morning on my way to my college, with my parents. When we arrived we parked our car and took left from the circle and walked towards the orientation building. I was amazed after seeing such huge campus, holding onto my mom’s arm because of nervousness or excitement I really don’t know, but that was the intense feeling I had and I would be good for the rest of orientation!

All of the student volunteers were excited, supportive but not overly nauseating, which I definitely appreciated. I am enthusiastic and can’t wait to support my school, don’t get me wrong! I had just been fully prepared for everyone to be obnoxious and they weren’t. They were happy, and eager to help – nothing over the top.While I was getting my folder of information, a woman came up to me and introduced herself. She explained that she was working on room assignments and had given me two. One in the rooms with everyone else, and one in a different building without a roommate that was closer to all of the events that would be happening.

I chose the second, because proximity to everything was more important to me than being with everyone else.The welcome session was surreal. Everything was fantastic, and we sat in the back on an aisle seat. I just gone it all in, and looked around seeing my future classmates and their families holding onto every last word. There were quite a few parent’s found at different locations throughout the audience shedding some tears. One of my favorite quotes from the weekend came from the college Chairman at the welcome session.

“ It may be nerdy, but let me tell you, if you are not nerdy, you would not be here”

The whole time I couldn’t help but think to myself “I made the right choice.” Towards the end of the session as the student orientation leaders were introducing themselves, a woman came over to me and told me that I could leave the room now and go to where my group is meeting so that I don’t have to worry about being caught in the flood of students leaving the room.

I got up and went with her, and was able to get a few minutes of quiet before the day really took off. As the students began to pour out of the room to find their groups, I sat out of the way and observed. A lot of faces lit up when they saw me, and a few students asked about my name.. She knew exactly who I was, in fact she knew about very student. We chatted until the groups began to leave the room , and I joined mine on their way out of the building.

After this we went to a presentation on the core curriculum at my college. Where we came to know about our syllabus and subjects! Unfortunately I couldn’t really hear much from the back of the room, but I already knew most of the information from my intensive stalking of the colleges’s website. We split up to attend an academic advising session of sorts. From here we had an hour in the dining hall to mingle with fellow classmates. There were snacks, but of course I couldn’t eat them so I don’t really have much to report on that front!

I belong to Bareli so I registered a seat in college hostel, I had never seen hostel like KCC HOSTEL. It was like hotel in term of facility, hygiene, meal, sports, security etc.

kcc hostel Greater Noida

After completing the presentation teachers asked if we had any we had thought of. If you get an opportunity to ask questions don’t be afraid to say whatever is on your mind. Odds are that you aren’t the only one thinking about it!

After the orientation program completed my parents dropped me off at hostel and my mother was crying so I started crying but staff of hostel was very supportive and friendly. They made me feel like I at my second home and I waved my hand with a smile on my face and said bye to my parents, and they left.

Staff and some of our seniors who were the leaders of orientation program took us on a tour of college and hostel, I visited sports area, labs, classes, and each and every corner of college after all that was going to be my second home for some next year.

At the end of the orientation day i was so tired , I just wanted to feel my bed, Before I went to sleep, I took some photos of my room to share with you!

I was also surprised by seeing size of the closets and wardrobes. They were much larger than I expected! The beds were made and there were towels.


Next morning I had my alarm set for 6:45 am. I dragged myself out of bed, and got myself ready for the day. As I got all my stuff together, I noticed that it was pouring. Not raining, pouring. I went towards my class enjoying pouring of drops.

This was my college orientation experience!

What made me surprise the most was the people who went out of their easy to introduce themselves to me. These people I found myself with throughout orientation.

I hope that this eases the nerves of anyone going into orientation, or proves to be a helpful glance into what you may experience!

Do you know an incoming college freshman preparing for their college orientation? Maybe a high school student who just can’t wait to know all they can about college? Share this with them!

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Internship Stories at KCC Institute: A Top IP university Affiliated college in Delhi

Neha | June 7, 2020

industrial visit by KCC students

I am the final year student of KCC institute of Legal and Higher Education perusing BJMC and I am here to share my internship experience with ZEE Media house and how KCCILHE supported to get this opportunity in my career.

KCCILHE is GRADE ‘A’ college of IP University, New Delhi. Two years back I had taken admission in BJMC course in KCCILHE. BJMC program is a regular three year undergraduate program.

BAJMC is a well-suited profession decision for understudies who are constantly inquisitive about the happenings going on around them and for the individuals who needs to ace the aptitudes of composing and revealing the occasion to the majority through broad communications stage. It additionally raises their correspondence and logical capability.

Internship at KCC

It is prudent to look for the best BJMC colleges in Delhi-NCR offering the best BJMC courses so as to get situation in the top media organizations. My hunt wound up in KCCILHE, Greater Noida where I get familiar with a ton of new abilities which are to be applied to this present reality situation. Be that as it may, this must be done whenever the understudy gets the chance to work in the top media house. KCCILHE bolster understudies to improve their aptitudes to such a degree, that they become comparatively radical and land the best position open doors when they graduate.

According to my experience KCCILHE is the best option for BJMC in Delhi-NCR from where educators acquire the important procedure for building aptitude .If you are pursuing BJMC course from KCC institute of legal and higher education then getting proper internship is the first thing that should have in your bucket list for the semesters. Interning with top media houses will have a lot of benefits for the students as they will be in the real world work-space scenario for the very first time and hence learn all the office etiquette through experience. In KCCILHE I got set in one of the enormous media house i.e. ZEE Media for entry level position in my general vicinity of intrigue which is electronic media area. There are such huge numbers of understudies who are profiting by the BJMC courses in KCCILHE.

Now, my story of Internship starts from here and guess where i was in ZEE Media house. I was not understanding whether I was excited or nervous I was about to start new chapter of my life. While running my imagination horses I got called in for interview and let me tell you I was so nervous during my way to interview room so many thoughts were running in the back of my mind like,” How would my first interview go?”, “How will I answer the questions ?”,”How am I looking?”,” How is my attire?”.

I know it is a bit over exaggerated but I am sharing my feelings how I was feeling that moment.During the interview I was a bit confused with their expressions and behavior whether they were impressed or I had messed up everything bur me being calm answered all questions the way I thought it to be and I think my answers was appropriate and yes I wanted to share one more thing that I answered in HINDI.

I thought I lost the chance of working in such a big Media house but after couple of days I got a mail from ZEE Media reading, “My name we are pleased to tell you that you have been selected to work with the Zee Family”” and I couldn’t share my feelings I thought it was a dream. This is how my journey of internship started

I can’t forget the first day of reporting standing infront of the company dressed up in formals. I took my first step towards my dream with my aim to work hard and I was aware of this at very same moment that it was going to be one memorable ride. The very firt day of my internship I befriended with a girl and after that we both were taken to our head and staff members by an another intern who was working here from last 25 days.

Within a week I go to know how “actually” work, how to get your work done efficiently in time and with all support from staff I learnt to get hold of the work being done in given time.

If I had to summarize my journey of internship that what I learned and experience during my internship, I would only say that during that period I made new friends, I have learned the importance of work in life, Discipline, punctuality, I have learned how to talk to people.

I must say these small experiences develop your personality, it changes your perspective to see the things, makes you much stronger to deal with the problems and yes most importantly you learn to be practical in life, you learn how to handle money, how to handle criticism you learn “Sharing is caring” which we all learn in our childhood but conveniently forget.

So, this is all about my internship story which helped me in many ways and gave me a positive perspective to see my life in different manner and gave unforgettable, adventurous experience. And I think internship is the only way to see the real world and real working field to be more productive and get hold on your skills you possess and make it much sharper.

I am very thankful to KCC institute of Legal and Higher Education college for bringing the opportunity of working in ZEE Media because after completing my internship I got permanent position in ZEE media house.

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