Life at Department of KCC ILHE: A best College for BJMC

I am an undergraduate @ KCCILHE, pursuing BJMC, 1st year. I am here to share my wonderful experience at department. My Student Life at department is proud to be leading the KCCILHE experience. Each of our group plays a critical role in providing support and resources you need to succeed. KCCILHE offers much more to its students than just a […]

ORIENTATION PROGRAM at KCC Institute : Best BJMC College in IP university Delhi

Starting college when you are a fresher can cause much restlessness in the heart of student because of all the unknowns–”What should my major be? Will I make any good friends? How will I find all of my classes? Whom do I ask if I have a query about anything?” . Prior to the start of classes, students are given […]

TESTIMONIAL By BJMC Student of KCC institutes: GGSIPU Affiliated College

Well after passing out your school everyone dream for a college life where you’ll find amazing faculties, great friends and yes indeed an excellent campus. I was looking for a college with a very good practical learning because the course I chose (BJMC) for my career was very dynamic. I appeared in IPUCET and qualified with 1509 rank and after […]

Career path in BJMC At KCC College: A Top BJMC College in IP university

Career path in BJMC At KCC College: A Top BJMC College in IP university: It is actually a tough decision that one has to make, “what to do after graduation?” Being a student of BJMC I am here to share some career path after the completion of course because, many of you do not know what to do after BJMC. […]

College Fest Experience At KCC: A Top BJMC College in Delhi NCR

Hi friends I am a student of KCC INSTITUTE OF LEGAL AND HIGHER EDUCATION, GREATER NOIDA. Though we are doing very good in academics but now i am here to share another side, COLLEGE FEST experience @ KCC. We all are aware of fact that College Fest by all means is bringing students together to make a collage of unforgettable […]

Why Join KCC for BCom Hons. In IP University Delhi Hons is one of the most trending and hot course keeping in mind present scenario. A major chunk of students opt for this course just because of the numerous opportunities available to them during and after the college. In this course, students specialize in their areas of interest, let’s say, finance, accounting, tax, economics, HR, sales and advertising and […]

Orientation Experience at KCC Institutes – Top College in Greater Noida

There is a very famous saying that “Well begun is Half done”. This means that a good and positive beginning is the most important part before starting any work. This holds true even when we start a new chapter in our life that is of College. When I was about to start my College in KCC Institute I was very […]

Career Pathways of Bcom Hons at KCC College Affiliated to IP University

A Bcom Hons student is trained in such a way that he can take on any type of work that is being given to them be it academic or Job oriented. Some students after graduating are focused towards further education while some are more inclined towards Job. For both these paths several options are available. So it is up to […]