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College is all about studying, making assignments and partying. A college life in incomplete without fest. Each and every student of which ever college they are studying eagerly waits for the fest. It is one of the best times to mingle and interact with each other. It is rightly said that during the college fest some capture memories while others make memories.

When I took admission in KCC Institute of Legal and Higher Education for Bcom Hons I already knew about the fest that is held every year in the college. I read about in the official social media pages of the college. I saw that every year some or the other celebrities have graced the occasion and several competitions are held, many of them are inter college. Last year Punjabi Singer Milind Gaba came. Before that also several other actors such as Varun Sharma, Neha Dhupia, Huma Qureshi, etc had already attended our college fest. I was also very excited about our college fest.

The fest at KCC is usually held in the month of February when there is still a hint of chill in the air and spring breeze blows through whole of the area. The name of out college fest is “Fuel”. It is a three day event. One week before the fest we had starting preparing for different competitions that was going to be held during fest. We had started decorating the college with our handmade craft work and other necessary items. We were busy putting up the posters on the notice board of the college. There was hustle and bustle all round the college. Invites were being sent to all the necessary people. A day before the college the whole college was beautifully decorated with flowers and all the main entry gates were also decked with flower arrangements.

On the first day of the fest we all went to the Auditorium and there was lighting of the lamp. This was done to ensure that the blessings of God are always with us. Then we began our program. First of all we were introduced to our anchors. Our seniors were anchoring the program. The show started with a melodious singing competition. Around 12 students had taken part in it and everyone sang beautifully. Then there was band performance. Best bands from all over the nearby colleges came and performed. It was a rocking show all throughout. Then next was Mono acting by students where ten students participated.

It was really thrilling to see our batch mates performing so well. Everyone had different themes and had to perform for three minutes. It was really breath taking. Then we were given break and everyone went for Lunch. After the break was over there was final show of solo dancing. The song had to be selected by the students itself and had to perform on it for four minutes. Even I participated in it and did a contemporary dance. Everyone cheered when I was performing and that feeling when everyone is supporting you and clapping for you is unmatched. The first day of the fest was as expected full of thrill and fun.

The second day of the fest was equally fantastic. We all reached college on time and made ourselves comfortable in the Auditorium again. The second day show started with some patriotic songs which were performed in groups. This really brought goose bumps to all of us. The way they sang brought up the felling of nationalism. Next was the dance competition which was inter college.

Many colleges had sent their best dance groups. The dance group of KCC performed exceptionally well and this led to a dance off between the groups of KCC Institute and Delhi technical college. They performed simultaneously and the whole auditorium started cheering and applauding. At last KCC emerged as a winner while DTC was placed as first runner up. We applauded all the groups of all colleges as they really gave a tough competition and gave a thrill of nail biting competition. Then we went for lunch and took some rest. After coming back from lunch we again sat on our seats in the Audi.

Announcement was made for us to collect our passes at the end of the day. As next day various celebrities were invited to perform at the fest. Then again the Program started with a poetry competition and students recited their own poetry. Then there was Fashion show for which everyone was waiting impatiently. First the fashion show of students was conducted. Their Theme was Bollywood and everyone was dressed up in their favourite bollywood Stars. They really pulled up a great show and the way they walked with poise and attitude really made the competition sore high.

Then it was the turn of IP Students to come forward with their Fashion Show. Their theme was Contemporary and their show was equally fantastic. My friends participated in this fashion show and I cheered the loudest for them. They walked with grace and panache and everyone looked smart. The whole Auditorium was filled with thunderous applause. Then it was time to award the winners with certificates and trophies. Then it was again announced to collect our passes for the next day to attend the fest. I along with my friends went to the concerned person to collect our passes. We got 2 passes one for ourselves and the other to call any of our friends. Then we went back home.

The next day was really a big day and a very important one because several celebrities were invited for the final day of fest. All of us were dressed in the best party dresses and were looking dazzling. I told my sister to attend the fest with me as I brought a pass for her. We both reached college by 11. The program was about to start by 12. A huge stage was set up in the college premises at the lawn. Sound system and other equipments were installed. We were amazed to see such grand arrangement for the day. We went to the lawn as it was announced that the show was about to start and first guest has already arrived. We all assembled in the lawns.

The first guest was Hashim Firozabadi who is the shayari king. The way he started the show with his shayaris gave us a hint that the whole show is going to be awesome. His continued to entertain us all with his shayaris for full one hour. After him another celebrity guest arrived. He was comedian Parvinder Singh. His first act brought such a huge smile on everyone’s face.

As his show progressed we all were laughing so much that it had no bounds. His each and every line and prose were filled with humor and the way he presented these were full of playfulness. His witty and funny one liners were superb. By the time his show was over it was lunch time and we were given break with a promise that after lunch the show will be even more entertaining. We all went for lunch. We clicked several snaps as we were looking very good and had to post it on social media.

After one hour we again assembled in the lawn. Then came next melodious singer Stuti Tiwari who was an Indian idol contestant and she sang beautifully. Students wanted to click pictures with her and she obliged a few by clicking selfies with them. She was dressed in her best and her performance in the college heated up the surrounding with her electrifying songs. She sang for around 45 Minutes.

Now it was time for next performer. By this time student’s energy was at its peak and they were impatiently waiting for the next celebrity to arrive who was sensational Punjabi singer Dilbagh Singh. As soon as we heard that he has arrived with his band and is backstage the whole crowd started calling out his name and then when he finally arrived the whole college roared in joy. He started waving at the huge sea of crowd. As soon as he started singing his first song everyone jumped with excitement and the whole environment was full of thrill and positive vibes. We danced a lot to his tunes. He kept on singing for one an
d half hours.

KCC fest

His energy was mind blowing and he made sure that each and every student present there enjoyed to their hearts content. He also ensured that he sang maximum songs in the limited time that he got. He called up on stage one of the student and gave him a chance to sing along with him. Overall his performance was mind blowing. Then it was time for another singer, Punjabi heart robe Parmish Verma. By the time he came it was dark and all the flood lights near the stage were turned on. It looked very colorful and lively. As soon as he arrived everyone was delighted and shouting on top of their voice. He started singing his popular songs one by one and everyone slowly started singing it with him.

Everyone wanted to click pictures with him and he managed to get clicked with many of them. His performance was the best of the day and it was really a star performance. He performed for 40 Minutes and by the time he finished his performance we all very thrilled and elated by such an exceptional show conducted by the college management.

Then I along with my friends went to the food stalls which was set up and had some delicious delicacies. We enjoyed clicked pictures and enjoyed a lot for full day. Then It was announced that we would be given three day holiday so that we would start our studies with a fresh mind. When we heard this our joy knew no bounds and we jumped with happiness. It was truly a very glittering and memorable day for everyone present there.

The college fest really lived up to my expectation and I can certainly say that the fest of KCC Institute was the best that any college can have and experience. I will surely wait for the fest every year because of the fame that this fest has received in the past three to four years. I am really blessed to be a part of such a prestigious institute that takes care of academics as well as social contacts also.

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